Recital series „Around the Music World in Eighty Minutes”

As the title suggests, taking its clue from Jules Vernes novel “Around the World in Eighty Days”, award winning concert pianist Meryem Natalie Akdenizli invites the audience to a journey through the periods of classical music.

The journey leads chronologically through the periods of classical music. Starting with Baroque on to Classical, Romantic, Impressionist and Contemporary Music, one exemplary piece from each period is being presented.

„Around the Music World in Eighty Minutes“ relates to the average duration of a regular recital.  Within the 80 minute recital all explanations will take together about 15 minutes.

This individual Recital is not meant to resemble a lecture or talk. My short comments on the basis of musical quotations are aiming to bring the recited works closer to the audience and to enable a deeper understanding of my interpretations.

Emphasis lies in experiencing the statement of the respective wok, the magic of its music period and the special characteristics  of the composer.

With this recital and my interpretations I would not only like to share my enthusiasm for classical music with you but also stimulate your imagination.

Wishing you pleasure and joy listening to the classical music!

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